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Ways to recognize PBN sites.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he thing we have to think about most when taking guest posts is whether the site from which I will take the link is PBN or not? This issue is especially problematic for those who are new. So let’s not know today how to recognize the PBN site.

Ways to recognize PBN sites.

1) Domain Authority / Domain Rating:

Earlier it was not recommended to take links from sites below DR 25 to avoid PBN sites but now PBN sites are quite high DR so there are some more aspects to consider for PBN recognition. If in doubt, go to and check the history.

2) Check Who Is Data:

If the PBN site is in doubt, you can easily catch it through Who Is Data Check. The site owner will be the same person.

3) Traffic data:

Such sites will have a lot of DR but the traffic will be very low or not. You can use the SimilarWeb extension to get traffic data.

4) Check the backlink profile for PBN:

There are many broken links in PBN sites. Backlinks are mostly used to manipulate Google rankings. And the broken link is not fixed as the site owner does not have to worry about this site. If you see a lot of broken links, never link to that site.
You can use Ahrefs / majestic / SEMrush to check the backlink profile.
If you know any other method, let us know in the comment box below.

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