Ways to find a lost phone 2021
Ways to find a lost phone 2021

Ways to find a lost phone 2021

Ways to find a lost phone…

Many of us have the experience of losing a phone. And in most cases, if the phone is lost, we give up hope of getting it back. But Google has figured out a way to track your lost phone. To get this service from Google, you need to have some options on your phone.

Follow the steps below to find out where your Android set is right now –

First, enter this link https://android.com/find and sign in to your google account.
If you have more than one phone, click the Lost Phone button at the top of the screen.

If you have multiple user profiles on your lost phone, sign in to your original profile’s Google Account.
A notification will arrive on your lost phone.
Also, if your phone is linked to Google, you can go to google.com and search with find my phone to find the phone or ring on the phone remotely.

Find out if your iPhone is lost
How to get-

Here are the things to look for when selecting your lost iPhone:

Keep your iPhone updated. Use iOS 13 or later. Keep Apple Watch updated.

Turn on Location Services and Find My Device options.
How to find out,

If you turn on the Find My Device option before you lose your device, you can use this option to find your iPhone. You can also find out if your iPhone is not connected to any network by keeping your phone’s Offline Findings elsewhere.

  • To find your iPhone on the map
  1. Open Find My App.
  2. Select the Device tab.
  3. Select the device to see the location on the map.
  4. To ring your phone
  5. Open Find My App.
  6. Select the Device tab.
  7. Select your lost device and select the Play Sound option. In this case, if your phone is offline, there will be no ring.

However, if connected to a network will ring.
Get the direction of your phone on the map..

  • Open Find My App.
  • Select the Device tab.
  • Select your lost device and select Directions to see the location of your phone on the map.

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