Keyword cannibalization.
Keyword cannibalization.

How does keyword cannibalism work and what does it do?

Keyword cannibalization.

LSI keywords are similar to your main keyword, but it is often seen that the keyword is so similar that if you want to re-write content with that keyword, it becomes keyword cannibalization. For example, if you search for the best earphones under 1000, Google suggested the keyword best earphones under 500; it Shows the best earphones under 800. You can use that suggested keyword as LSI but you can’t cover new content even if you want to. If you write content with best earphones under 500 and best earphones under 800, it will be keyword calibration.

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Keyword calibration results:

If your website has keyword calibration, there are some bad effects later, such as:
1) In fact, you will become your own competitor.
2) Google will not understand which keyword you really want to rank.
3) C CTR will be reduced in keyword guitar.
4) Both keywords will lose rank or remain at the bottom.

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