Find the mobile with the IMEI

Find the mobile with the IMEI of the lost mobile.

Find the mobile with the IMEI of the lost mobile.

There are many misconceptions in our society about finding the location with the IMEI number of the stolen mobile. One of the misconceptions is that the location of the lost mobile phone can be found by sending an e-mail to

Find the mobile with the IMEI

It is better to say – IMEI number can be seen by typing * # 06 # on the mobile. Also, the IMEI number is written on the packet mobile.

But, people from different countries including Bangladesh are promoting that they will inform you of the location of the mobile as soon as you send an e-mail to by typing the IMEI number of the lost mobile.

However, this mail address is from the Tamil Nadu Police of India. Although they would extract the location from the IMEI number of the lost mobile, it is only for the people of Tamil Nadu.

I even read an article written by an Indian citizen online and found out that this police website has been hacked.

So first of all, the Indian police will not be able to find out the location of our country’s mobiles. Second, if their website is hacked, how safe is it to send the IMEI number of your lost mobile to that website?

Remember- if the mobile is lost, it is possible to get the location only by making a GD to the police under the law of the country; Unless the mobile is switched off.

So, don’t be fooled by getting a location through such and such cyber fighter with a few thousand rupees. And, I will tell everyone, including those who have published without knowing about it, to refrain from publishing any information without verification.

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