Brave browser stem-DNS leaked

Brave browser stems – DNS leaked.

You cannot access the Dark Web using a normal browser like the Chrome browser. However, the Brave browser has a feature called Tor mode, which allows you to access legitimate websites on the Dark Web.


However, it has recently become known that when a person enters the Dark Web using the Tor mode of the Brave browser, the information about which websites a person is accessing is being revealed.

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In order to access a website, when you search by typing the name of the website, you have to find the IP address of that website from the DNS server.

However, since you use your Internet provider’s DNS server, they may know which website you are accessing. However, this is not possible in the case of the Dark Web. Because on the Dark Web you will search using the TOR network.

However, when you enter the Dark Web using the Tor mode of the Brave browser, the query goes to the DNS server of the normal Internet whenever you look for the IP address of the website to access a website. As a result, the owner of the DNS server finds out where you are accessing the Dark Web using the Brave browser.

The hope, however, is that the Brave browser has recently fixed this bug. Many people’s personal information was leaked due to a program error. So, we need to learn from this incident. Keep in mind that even the software of big companies can have big flaws.

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